Been a wandering…

… and found Exmouth Market! A little gem of a shopping street, secreted away between the old townhouses of Gray’s Inn and Clerkenwell. It’s been two weeks since I moved out of the area and I’m coming to realise that I’ve squandered the year I spent there. How did I not know this place existed? It’s 3 roads away from my previous address! And then there are the galleries I never visited, the restaurants I never frequented; ah, regrets.

Still, I’m making the most of my enforced sabbatical by exploring now. Today I stumbled across the food market, which fills the entire street on fridays and saturdays. It was RAMMED. I practically had to beat my way through the crowds of city types on their lunch breaks, but it was definitely worth the sweat. If you’re a foodie, like me, I thoroughly recommend popping down for an amble. As I was meeting Lady Fox, I was forced to restrain myself, but the cheese stall almost had me.

Oh, cheese.

Anyway, if you live or work in Islington or the City, or even if you’re a Londoner who likes their shopping independent, with a side of artisanal bread, it’s a good spot.

Nearest tubes are Chancery Lane, Angel and Farringdon. For the deets:

(Source: Yes, I will get my own damn camera. Just as soon as I make up my mind about which one. ‘Til then, it’s this sub-par shit, I’m afraid.)

Penny for them:

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