Having a laugh with Lanvin

To those outside of the industry, fashion, and particularly high-end fashion, can seem exclusive and intimidating. Too often designers take the joy out of seeing the new season collections by taking it all so seriously, shrouding their work in mystery by disallowing photo releases, or setting prices that ensure only the real elite have access to their craft.

I truly believe that fashion should be enjoyed. We may not all be able to afford to buy into it, but with many designers now taking advantage of social networking sites and inviting bloggers to their shows, those of us who may never get to sit front row can still participate.

While Lanvin is not an affordable brand by any stretch of the imagination, their collaboration with H&M sparked a high-street frenzy, striking terror into the hearts of sales assistants and security guards alike. I had my eye on this beauty, but the combination of the shop-floor scenes of massacre and the £150 price tag kept it firmly in my dreams.

While we can only live in hope that there will one day be another collection, Mr Elbaz has come up trumps with his latest ad campaign. Injecting a bit of fun and frivolity into the mix with a rather tongue-in-cheek video presentation, even the usually pouty and po-faced models have got into the spirit. A lovely way to round off the mania of the spring/summer fashion weeks, and a reminder of what we have to look forward to this season.



Penny for them:

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