Wendy Macnaughton

I’ve been admiring Wendy Macnaughton’s work for the past few months now, and think it high time to share the love.

Macnaughton is an illustrator, journalist and humanitarian campaigner, who creates charming and thought-provoking cartoons inspired by people and places in her native San Francisco.

Using her skills as a platform for social commentary, Macnaughton is currently working on an illustrated documentary series exploring the myriad communities in her locality. The series’, entitled ‘Meanwhile’, utilises Macnaughton’s simple yet beautiful paintings to illustrate stories and anecdotes gathered from the people who make up each community group.

The focus of her work is on regular citizens and the ways in which they come together to work, socialise and simply enjoy life. My particular favourites, SF Public Library and Farmers Market Farmers, are touching examples of how the ordinary man in the street can have an extraordinary tale to tell.

For now, I’ll leave you with Farmers Market Farmers, but do visit Macnaughton’s website for the rest of her work:


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