Camille O’Sullivan

I’ve just this morning had a rather nasty operation, and am therefore veering between being hopped-up on drugs and pain, so do bear with me for a few days.

Whilst I am bed-ridden, Lady Fox has come round to help feed, wash, clothe (I say clothe, but I fully intend to wear nothing but my dressing gown for at least a week, if not two, depending on the stitching situation. Hopefully, I will soon be able to remove the complimentary surgical stockings, though, as Lady Fox has been swift to point out that they’re not exactly ‘fetching’.) and entertain me. She has been attending to the latter by showing me pleasing YouTube clips of small animals, interspersed with a nice, cheery bit of Camille ‘little Irish bunny’ O’Sullivan. But before I get to today’s Tuesday Tune, a tale for you:

Coming round from my general anaesthetic, I look up at two, smiling Jamaican nurses welcoming me back to Earth. I beam at them. I am high as a fucking kite. Presently, I start to recite the Lord’s Prayer (?!), and we all hold hands and cross ourselves to say our amens. Back on the ward, I believe I have had something of an epiphany. Surely the nurse handing me a cheese and tomato sandwich, in conjunction with my spontaneous theistic outburst, is a sign that now, finally, I will have joined the ranks of real adults who can eat tomatoes without gagging – a tomato epiphany (!!), if you will. I tear into my sandwich…

And heave.

Back to Atheism, then.

God is in the house (but only when you’re on morphine – Miss Fox), by Camille O’Sullivan:

Penny for them:

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