Instant Face Maker

I used to love art when I was younger, so I was pretty shocked to realise that I’ve not taken the time to sit down and make any art in almost 3 years. I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly talented, but whilst I usually hate to do things I know I’m not going to be very good at I find I mind far less when it comes to drawing and painting. Perhaps because it’s something you do only for yourself? Whatever, I’ve decided I need to make time for actual hobbies and the following is a great little exercise for easing me back into a creative mindset.



Emma Cook A/W 2013

I love Emma Cook’s designs: feminine, playful, and undeniably pretty, they have just the right amount of whimsy, offset with a good dash of wit. Releasing videos as a collection preview isn’t new, and has become increasingly popular among forward-thinking and media-savvy brands over the past few seasons – Kenzo and Honor NYC have both recently produced stellar examples – but this purposely lo-fi short perfectly captures the Cook aesthetic. Maybe I’m just a sucker for a dinosaur jumper (I’m totally just a sucker for a dinosaur jumper), but this genuinely feels like an extension of the brand, rather than a PR ploy:

Ice Cream Fashion

Imagine, for one moment, AnOther opened an ice cream parlour. All the flavours inspired by looks of the fashion season. You’d come, right?

Fuck, yeah!

Illustrations by AnOther’s Tom Baxter. Concept by Laura Bradley and Agate Belcen.

Marc Jacobs’/Stracciatella

Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga/Nocciola

Fendi/Banana (Miss Fox’s favourite)

Haider Ackermann/Triple Chocolate

Raf Simons at Dior/Pistachio (Mama Fox’s favourite!)

Lionel Bawden

Sculptures crafted from colouring pencils (!) by Lionel Bawden.

I’m intrigued by the thought process that preceded these sculptures. How does it occur to someone to glue together lots of shaved pencils until they make melted diamond shapes? Whatever, I’m just glad that it did.



Leonardo Ulian

In secondary school we had the opportunity to study four different Design and Technology subjects – Textiles, Food Technology, Electronics, and Resistant Materials – which were rotated on a termly base. Electronics was, by far, the most dull and least useful of the options, and was always met with wearied apprehension. In fact, it’s only saving grace was that we got to play with soldering irons.

Artist Leonardo Ulian clearly shares our adolescent enthusiasm for soldering one thing onto another with his latest work Technological Mandala.


Although none of his Mandala’s actually ‘work’ in the sense of activating anything, their ability to turn electronic components into something aesthetically pleasing is quite astonishing. The neat-freak in me bows down to his masterful symmetry.


Roland Reiner Tiangco

Dirt Poster by Brooklyn-based artist Roland Reiner Tiangco. While unfolding and handling the poster, your hands start to get dirty, and this dirt uncovers the message on the under-side. Smart and effective.


Wendy Marvel & Mark Arnon Rosen

A new series by artists Wendy Marvel and Mark Arnon Rosen entitled Mechanical Flip Book. There are more videos available to watch here, but these three are my favourites. I love the mildly naughty re-imagining of Victorian photographer Eadweard Muybridge’s nudes.