I missed yesterday’s Tuesday Tune. I am a bad girl.

I’m having a few personal problems at the moment, which is why posts are rather patchy; I’m hoping to try and at least post a Tuesday Tune every week while I get on top of things.

For now though – a kid with a grooowl:


I have two flats to clean, 24 years worth of toot to unpack and a shit-load of vital admin to do before tomorrow, and, somewhat inevitably, I find myself stuck in a recommended videos adventure on YouTube. I therefore recommend to you the following:

Fun fact learnt at Bournemouth Oceanarium: a group of otters is called a romp. A ROMP!

Instant Face Maker

I used to love art when I was younger, so I was pretty shocked to realise that I’ve not taken the time to sit down and make any art in almost 3 years. I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly talented, but whilst I usually hate to do things I know I’m not going to be very good at I find I mind far less when it comes to drawing and painting. Perhaps because it’s something you do only for yourself? Whatever, I’ve decided I need to make time for actual hobbies and the following is a great little exercise for easing me back into a creative mindset.



The Scared is scared

I am rubbish with endings. I think that goes for a lot of us. I either cling on for dear life and refuse to move forward, or I do a swift cut and run – pre-empting that horrible squelchy-stomach feeling by walking away before it happens and never looking back. I am notoriously bad at keeping in touch with old friends for fear of experiencing that hurt when something ends that can never be returned to; it is certainly one of my worst traits. Sometimes it takes a child’s unconscious wisdom to remind you that endings are a natural part of life’s order, and they’re OK, and you will be OK, too.


I’m off to spend the rest of the afternoon doing the things that make me happy: taking a long, hot bath; making a big batch of soup; going for a brisk walk around the Common, and then retiring to read fashion magazines in bed with a cup of tea. Perfect.

What’s making you happy this weekend?

Equal Marriage Bill

This is being voted on tomorrow. It doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight, or somewhere in between: If you care about every citizen in this country having equal rights, I urge you to please forward (editing if necessary) this message onto your MP. It’s not too late.

Do take out the bit about Kate, though: she’s mine…

If you don’t know who your MP is, you can find out here: http://findyourmp.parliament.uk/


Dear …,

I am writing to you to make a plea for you to support the equal marriage bill being voted on tomorrow in Parliament. I understand that there has been a very vocal opposition to this bill from a small minority of people opposed to equal rights for all regardless of sexual orientation. I would please ask you not to be swayed by this minority and recognise that the majority of people, as many as seven in ten, according to recent Stonewall surveys support equal marriage. I would also urge you to consider that support for the bill among the younger generation is even higher. If the government fails to pass this new equal marriage bill then my generation and those younger than me will remember if the majority of your party fails to support equality. 

The anti equality lobby will argue that marriage has always been the same and we shouldn’t try to change it. This is simply not true, marriage as we know it has gone through many incarnations to become what it is today. Men used to be able to marry multiple wives for example. It used to be extremely hard to get a divorce and most religions wouldn’t recognise second marriages. Marriages used to nearly always be arranged, a binding of families and not for love. Marital rape did not used to be recognised, with the law proclaiming that a husband had a ‘right’ to rape his wife whenever he wanted to.

It is also important to recognise that no one will be forced to have a same sex marriage if it is against their religion or they believe homosexuality is a sin. Nor, I believe will religious organisations be forced to conduct the marriages of same sex couples, if they do not support equality.

I am gay myself. I would love it if I was able to get married to my long term partner Kate in the future. Knowing that I have the choice to marry the person I love, to make that commitment to them in front of friends and family and to be recognised by law, that is what I ask for. The current civil partnerships are not equality, they are a segregation of how same sex and opposite sex couples are seen by society. Having different names and slightly different protections and rights accounted to them. Saying that civil partnerships are ‘good enough’ is basically saying that our love is some how different, it is supporting a hierarchy of relationships, that society doesn’t not think our relationships deserve the same validation or recognition.

I urge you to please support marriage equality in the vote tomorrow. I hope this email reaches you in time. 

Yours sincerely,

Full name and address

Work is tiring.

Oh yes, I did just say that.

I’ve completed my first week of proper, adult work (this is not to say that I have never worked before – indeed, I was a shop manager in my previous life) and I am tired. Today, I slept until 2. Yesterday, I slept until Mama Fox phoned me at 5 in the afternoon, and I fear I would have slept even longer had she not acted as a wake-up call.

It is strange to be back at work full time. I have not had full-time employment since my early uni years, when I would return to my hometown during the holidays and work every hour under the sun to try and claw my way out of the depths of my overdraft. When the company I worked for went under (Principles, RIP), I was about to start the third year of my degree course and decided to concentrate on that and survive on what I could. And so it was for my subsequent third year of uni (yes, yes) and post-grad qualification, whereby I became rich in qualifications and far less so in monetary terms. Needless to say, academic life, followed by the now inevitable period of unemployment, has bequeathed me a sleep pattern best described as chaotic, bordering on nocturnal. 9-6 (and no break! How and when will I nap?!) is going to take some getting used to.

Friends, I have spent most of this weekend asleep, and I am still tired. How long before I emerge from my unemployed, student chrysalis as a fully functional grown-up?

Alek Fin

A nice track to start the year off with from Alek Fin aka producer Adam Finkel.

It’s also probably time that I mentioned that just before the holidays I was offered a job. A real one, where they pay you and what-not. I’ve held off making any sort of announcement because a) I don’t like a fuss, and b) where I’m from, you don’t trust shit ’til you’ve got it in writing and/or blood. I did, however, have  a signed contract waiting on my doorstep when I got in this evening, so perhaps we’ll go with that and leave any blood oaths back in my old ‘hood.

More details once I’ve got my head around the fact that this might actually be happening.