Saturday Night

Went to a bar, drank wine, and danced to this:

Perhaps I am normal after all.


Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

Ain’t no mountain (of unpacking) high enough, ain’t no valley (of unpacking-induced desperation) low enough, ain’t no river (of unpacking-induced tears) wide enough to keep me from getting to you, babe.

p.s. Yes, I am still unpacking; interspersed with plenty of Zooborn action to keep morale up.

Photo credit: Stone Zoo

 Baby prehensile-tailed porcupine, yes.


I have two flats to clean, 24 years worth of toot to unpack and a shit-load of vital admin to do before tomorrow, and, somewhat inevitably, I find myself stuck in a recommended videos adventure on YouTube. I therefore recommend to you the following:

Fun fact learnt at Bournemouth Oceanarium: a group of otters is called a romp. A ROMP!

Instant Face Maker

I used to love art when I was younger, so I was pretty shocked to realise that I’ve not taken the time to sit down and make any art in almost 3 years. I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly talented, but whilst I usually hate to do things I know I’m not going to be very good at I find I mind far less when it comes to drawing and painting. Perhaps because it’s something you do only for yourself? Whatever, I’ve decided I need to make time for actual hobbies and the following is a great little exercise for easing me back into a creative mindset.



Debo Band

I didn’t quite manage to get this out on Tuesday (hey, I’m only 50 minutes late), but I’m still calling it a Tuesday Tune. I was having a bit of a life crisis earlier, and ended up having a bit of a cry down the phone to Lady Fox. Now I’m not saying that she wasn’t entirely brilliant and helpful, but we could’ve saved ourselves a lot of time and snottiness if I’d just put this on instead. I’ve no clue what’s going on with the lyrics – he could be singing about bacon for all I know – but bugger me it’s cheerful.