Blue Planet

Blue and orange – one of my favourite combinations.

Harper’s Bazaar March 2010

Styling: Vanessa Coyle

Photography: Mark Pillai


Lionel Bawden

Sculptures crafted from colouring pencils (!) by Lionel Bawden.

I’m intrigued by the thought process that preceded these sculptures. How does it occur to someone to glue together lots of shaved pencils until they make melted diamond shapes? Whatever, I’m just glad that it did.



Jack Noel

Jack Noel is a London-based artist who produces lovely, colourful drawings of London – he’s currently working on one for each inner London borough. While I was looking through them I tried to work out which part of the borough was depicted. And then I realised they were labelled. Fox Fail.

Camden Lock, Camden.

Tranquil Vale, Greenwich.

St. Leonard’s Church on the junction between Old St. and Shoreditch High St. (Also the church featured in Rev…), Hackney.

Camden Passage, Islington.

Sloane Square, Kensington and Chelsea.

Brixton Market and Electric Avenue, Lambeth (where I live!).

Borough Market, Southwark.

Columbia Road Market, Tower Hamlets.

Clapham Junction, Wandsworth.

Trafalgar Square, Westminster.

Hammersmith Bridge, Hammersmith and Fulham.

Sweet View, via Me Old China.

Vyacheslav Legkobit

A Ukrainian artist who illustrated the most beautiful children’s books. I have a particular weakness for folk art; just look at those colours!

From the book Everyone likes to draw (so long as they can draw like this…).

First five images courtesy of, final three courtesy of (both very lovely blogs, most worthy of perusal)