Sharon Van Etten

Is it Tuesday already? So far this week I have achieved my first proper sunburn of the year (whilst wearing SPF50 and sitting under a parasol – I despair) and not much else, which can only mean that it’s all up from here.

Nick Mulvey

I’m so ahead of the game with this one that I’m struggling to find a functioning player widget. It doesn’t help that Maud (my MacBook) is pre-menstrual and refusing to cooperate; perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned that upgrade in her presence. Anyyesigiveinanimateobjectsnames, I have managed to put up a link. You may just have to trust me that it’s worth following. Allez, allez:

And because a soundcloud link is not very aesthetically pleasing, I also give you a Japanese dwarf flying squirrel, known as momonga:

 You are welcome.

Agnes Obel

Following YouTube recommendations usually leads you into a seemingly endless cycle of kitten videos and/or clips of idiots attempting stunts far above their abilities, and, before you know it, you’ve lost 2 hours of your life that you will never get back (so… what did everybody else do yesterday?). On this occasion, however, it lead me to the rather lovely voice of Agnes Obel. That lisp!

Lisa Mitchell

Today’s Tuesday Tune comes from the wonderfully wispy-voiced Lisa Mitchell. A runner-up on Australia’s Got Talent/X Factor/Pop Idol shenanigans a fair few years back (I’ve made a real effort with my researching here, haven’t I ), she’s still relatively unknown over here; a shame really considering her musical stylings are far more interesting than you’re average pop singer.

This song (and particularly it’s video) always perks me up and gets me bouncing along. It also inspired in me a love of girly dresses with school shoes, which, 3 years after first seeing the video, sees no sign of abating.

Lisa Mitchell, Neopolitan Dreams. Why do you not recognise Neopolitan, WordPress spellcheck?