Parlez-vous Francais?


Mon dieu!

Permet d’apprendre!

Ok, so my Francais is limited to what we were taught in school, which boils down to the incredibly useful phrase “Je ne dois rien faire pour avoir de l’argent de poche” (that’s “I don’t have to do anything to get pocket money”, should you care to add it to your mental phrase-book) and several swear words. Which won’t get you far in the land d’escargot. 

Clearly, my language skills are lacking (although I do speak surprisingly good German when drunk) and if, like me, you were educated in an English state school, you’re probably in a similar situation. So I thought that today we could all enjoy a little French lesson…

… courtesy of some cats.


Ah, bon! Allez!

For getting down with the kids:

For dealing with pesky neighbourhood hooligans (or local crazies):

For honing negotiation skills:

For picking up essential workplace lingo:

and finally…

For screwing over your friends:

Et voila! Un petit educacion!

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